Michelle and I have both worked within the mental health environment each within a different sector. This gives us an extensive knowledge base to offer a wide range of counselling and wellbeing services too many people who are in desperate need. We know there is a gap within this sector in our local area, which desperately needs to be filled to both the NHS and private clients and we feel that what we will be offering will fill that lack in services available.
Services that we will be offering consist of counselling which includes CBT and DBT. We will be also offering therapy group sessions on self-harm, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, PTSD and OCD.
We are also going to offer a Holistic approach in helping clients with mental wellbeing. This different approach will help multitudes of people who do not want to go down the medication route and feel at a loss on how to cope and move forward with their mental health.
We will be dealing with some of the most vulnerable people in our society that need other help which can include guidance on financial and other services out there. Sign posting to other services will be paramount for these clients, but also we will offer a benefits service that will help these people claim for what they are legally entitled too. This will be offering to help in completing the correct benefits forms as well as offering to attend ATOS meetings. This service is extremely beneficial for these people as they are at their most vulnerable and need this help.
We are also planning to expand our services by offering to go into schools and colleges to talk about mental health wellbeing and resilience to our young people from year 10 and above. We will adapt this service to go into local business to offer talks on mental health and offer a counselling service for their employees.
We are both passionate about mental health and offering the right help too many individuals who do not know where else to turn or who have no one who can offer help. We believe that what we are offering is not only greatly needed but is something that we can truly make a difference too many people lives.